Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guest Post-The Big Picture

I've been both busy and lacking inspiration the past while, so I decided to ask someone to do a guest post. The following is written by Danica-Lee Szabatin, an MK to Alberta as well as a student at Hyles Anderson College in Hammond, Indiana.

by Danica-Lee Szabatin

I am sure everyone has heard the saying, “Love blinds you.” Well, today I want to change that… I wouldn’t say love blinds you because love is not an ooey gooey feeling someone has for another person. Love is an action, and it was portrayed in the greatest way known to man when Christ died for us. I am so glad that my God did not sit up in Heaven and say, “Wow, I love those people on earth. I know they are bound for hell because of their sins, but I just get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I think about them, and they make me feel so happy, and I just love them.” Did God do that? I don’t think so. He took action, and loved us more than we can ever know by showing the highest form of love- -- sacrifice. Romans 5:8 says: “But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” That’s love. So I am going to change the saying to “Lust blinds you.”

Lust is “pleasure, delight, inclination, or wish.” These are the feelings you get when you get in a relationship with someone. Honestly, you are not going to love that special person until you prove it. After you are married, and you start to realize, “Hey, this person isn’t perfect. Sometimes, we disagree on things. I do things that annoy them, and they do things that annoy me.” When you are still married, after 50 years, and have gone through many trials together and have never given up on each other, then tell me that you love that person. Christ died for us knowing how we were, “…while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

When you are in a relationship with someone, you get very close to that person. I saw an awesome illustration one time, and I think it shows exactly what I mean when I say, “Lust blinds us.”

A teacher called a teenager up to the platform and told her to close her eyes. While the teenager had her eyes closed the teacher put a very large painting right up close to her face, in front of her eyes.

“Ok, I want you to open your eyes and tell me what you see.” The teacher said.

“I see blue.”

“Okay close your eyes again.” The teacher this time moved back a few steps and told the teenager to open her eyes again and tell what she saw now.

The teenager described a beautiful landscape painting with blue skies, lush forest, gorgeous, colourful flowers, and a shining pond. All-in-all a beautiful picture.

When the teenager had been standing right up close to the picture all she could see was the colour blue. She had to take a step back and get a little distance to see the whole picture.

Right now, you might be in a very serious relationship, and you might be very close to someone. But could it be that you are too close, lust is blinding you, and you are not seeing the whole picture?

God has a beautiful picture planned out for your life, and He is just waiting for you to take a step back and trust Him with it. We trust Him with eternity, with our very souls, so why is it we can’t trust Him with our life and the things of it? Do you really think God is going to give you second best? No, He wants the very best for you. So why don’t you trust Him to give it to you? Why are you busy searching for someone, getting involved with the wrong people, when God has promised He will take care of you, and give you what He knows is best? Just take a step back, wait, trust God, and He will bring the right one to you.

Your friend, Danica-Lee

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