Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just An Extra Assignment

Due to the fact that I have family coming in and therefore I am quite busy, I don't have much of a post for y'all this week. But I do have a bit of an assignment, and I would like you to comment and give me the answer please. :-) Don't worry, its not a bad assignment.

Okay, anytime I have studied this with friends, I have had them give me the top five things that are most important in the guy or girl you will marry. It can be anything from a certain talent or quality to a type of ministry. So take a bit of time to think about it, and then comment back with your top five most important things the guy or girl MUST have. See, you didn't have to worry, this is a cool assignment. :-) And I'll even give you my top five things the guy I marry MUST have or be. :-)

1) Strong love for God and the brethren.
2) Faith and confidence in God and his Word.
3) Called into the ministry
4) Compassion
5) Honesty

Please, please comment back...I really want to see what y'all will come up with. Thanks!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guarding Your Heart

The heart is more then just emotions. The heart does drive our emotions, but it pretty much drives all we do. What the heart desires is the most powerful force in our lives. Whether it be desiring to go to a certain place, desiring to be with a certain person, or desiring to be a certain way. Whatever your heart desires is going to drive and push your whole life. So we need to make sure to protect and guard our hearts from influences that will pollute or steal our hearts. As young people we are going to be around young people of the other gender, and even though they may all be Christians, we still need to be careful of how we act around them. I don't believe its right when parents or churches think it wrong for young people to be around young people of the other gender. I think there need to be guidelines and I do believe that they should never be alone, but you need to know how to act around guys/girls. It will make your time of courtship a bit uncomfortable if you don't even know how to act around the other gender. All of that said, here are a few ways to help you act right and guard your heart when you are around guys/girls.

1) Keep the friendship casual.
-There are four different levels of friendships: acquaintances, casual friends, close friends, and intimate friends. In order to save you heart for one person and not give it away to the wrong person, friendships with the other gender should stay at the acquaintance or casual friend level. it doesn't take long before you end up too close, you need to be very careful of sharing too much and forming emotional bonds. Even if this is the guy/girl that God has for you, you still need to be careful of giving your heart away sooner then God intends.

2) Avoid situations that will create emotional bonds.
-Basically, don't spend time alone with the guy/girl. If you spend too much time in a one-on-one talk with a guy/girl, your are putting yourself in a situation that can easily cause you to open up a little too much. I'm not saying its a bad thing to have a one-on-one talk with a guy/girl, but just be sure to have others around or not let it get too personal or go on too long.

3) Don't seek attention for yourself.
-I know for a fact that both guys and girls have a way of getting attention and making sure a certain guy/girl sees them. We as Christians need to be careful of that. Its one thing if your appearance or personality gets someones attention, but you really shouldn't be trying to get that persons attention. If you dress and act right around guys/girls, then don't worry about getting someones attention and just trust God to get the right guy or girl's attention.

4) Ask your parents for advice.
- Just remember that they have already went through all of this. Even though you might not think your parents are "cool", they still might be able to help you in this area. :-)

5) Guard your words when your with friends.
- If you have an interest in a certain guy or girl, don't go to your friends and talk about it. its one thing if you have a godly older friend who can encourage and pray with you. But if you're only going to them to talk about this person, don't. Spending time talking about guys/girls is NOT going to help guard your heart at all! Go to God, your parents, or an older friend for advice and encouragement.

6) Avoid things that can pollute your thoughts.
-The wrong type of movies or tv shows.
-The wrong type of things on the internet.
-The wrong type of music.
-The wrong type of books or magazines.

When God asks for our hearts, he wants all of it. There must not be any open spots that leave place for the enemy to get in. A heart that is truly guarded will not have a hole that is waiting for "Mr. or Mrs. Right" to come. God wants to completely fill your heart, and once you are happy and satisfied with Him, then He will open that spot for "Mr. or Mrs. Right".

God doesn't look on the outside, he looks at our heart. The bible tells us about man different types of hearts that God is looking for. So get out your bible, and go look up these verses about the different types of hearts God wants us to have. Have a time of prayer and ask Him to help you have those kinds of a heart.

  • 1 Kings 3:9 & 12
  • 2 Chronicles 16:9
  • 2 Chronicles 34:27
  • Psalm 7:10
  • Psalm 34:18
  • Psalm 51:10
  • Psalm 119:80
  • Proverbs 17:22
  • Matthew 5:8
  • Matthew 11:29
  • Ephesians 4:32
  • 2 Timothy 2:22
  • James 4:8
  • 1 Peter 1:22
I did use a few books when preparing for this, so you may read something that sounds familiar. Thanks so much for reading this, and I hope it has been somewhat of a help to you. Please feel free to leave comments with any thoughts, whether you agree or disagree, I'd still love to hear from you. And, yes...I do realize I said I'd only post once a week, but I never stick to those plans I make. I post whenever I feel I have something that God gave me to post. :-) Have a great Sunday!

*Some material is taken from "Before you meet Prince Charming" by Sarah Mally and "Just Friends" by Cary Schmidt and Mike Ray*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Must First Be Satisfied With Him...

Okay, so for a start I thought I'd share this with you. I did post this on my other blog a few months ago, but it seemed like a great start to this blog. Before we even talk about how things should be done with any type of guy/girl relationship, we first need to be completely in love with our Lord and Savior. Take some time to ask God to give you a strong relationship with him, and then trust him to guide you in your other relationships.

"Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone, to have a deep relationship with another, to be loved thoroughly and exclusively.

But to His child, the Lord says: "No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled, and content with being loved by Me; with giving yourself totally and unreservedly to Me to have an intensely personal relationship with Me alone, discovering that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found.

Only then will you be capable of the most perfect relationship that I have planned for you. "I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing… one that you cannot imagine.

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6).

I want you to have the best. Please allow Me to bring it to you. "You just keep watching Me. Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am. Keep listening and learning the things that I tell you. Just waiting-that's all.

"Don't be anxious. Don't worry. Don't look around at all the things others have gotten or that I have given them. Don't look at all the things you think you want. Just keep looking up to Me.

"And then, when I know you are ready, I'll surprise you with a love far wonderful than any you would dream of. You see, I'm working at this moment to have you both ready at the same time. Until you are satisfied exclusively with Me, and the life I've given you, you won't be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with Me.

"Dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love, I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with Me, and to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection, and love that I offer you with myself. "Know that I love you utterly. Be satisfied in Me."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Sorry, this blog is still under construction. My hope is that it will be up and running within a month, so please check back again soon. Thanks!

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