Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just An Extra Assignment

Due to the fact that I have family coming in and therefore I am quite busy, I don't have much of a post for y'all this week. But I do have a bit of an assignment, and I would like you to comment and give me the answer please. :-) Don't worry, its not a bad assignment.

Okay, anytime I have studied this with friends, I have had them give me the top five things that are most important in the guy or girl you will marry. It can be anything from a certain talent or quality to a type of ministry. So take a bit of time to think about it, and then comment back with your top five most important things the guy or girl MUST have. See, you didn't have to worry, this is a cool assignment. :-) And I'll even give you my top five things the guy I marry MUST have or be. :-)

1) Strong love for God and the brethren.
2) Faith and confidence in God and his Word.
3) Called into the ministry
4) Compassion
5) Honesty

Please, please comment back...I really want to see what y'all will come up with. Thanks!


Sharon said...

Here's what I think...

1. He must be a Born Again Christian

2. He must have a daily, close relationship with the Lord.

3. He must be called into the ministry

4. He must have the same major convictions as I.

5. He must be willing to do WHATEVER the Lord wants.

Michaila said...

My top five would be:

1. Christian
2. Strong walk with God
3. Biblical Qualities
4. Called to be the ministry (i.e. Missionary, Pastor, etc.)
5. Love (for his wife and children)


p.s. Keep up the GREAT work Katie! I LOVE this blog!

Rachel M. said...

Five things I would like to have in my future spouse:

1)Love for His Savior
4)Loves children
5)Has the faith and trust that God can do amazing things in any person

I have a journal set aside for my future husband, and in there I have written what I would love in a husband. And I wrote that no one is perfect, no not one--in God's grace and perfect will. He is in control of all things.

~Rachel M.

Jenna said...

Hi Katie~
I was thinking about this yesterday, and here are 5 of the things that I would like in my future husband...

1. A strong walk with the Lord and faith in HIM
2. A love for children - welcoming as many blessings as the Lord gives.
3. Gentleman/respect
4. Joy!
5. A hard work ethic

There are more, but I completely agree with Rachel - no one is perfect! I'm not:)

Blessings and enjoy your company!

Katie said...

Thanks so much girls! And y'all are so right about no one being perfect...I am no where near perfect so I don't expect my husband to be perfect either. Thanks again for commenting on this. It was real encouraging to hear what y'all think about. :-)

musicmaiden said...

All right, here's what I think.

1. He must be a believer and have the fruits of the spirit evident in his life; especially love for God and for others.

2. He must be committed to staying married no matter what. My parents said, "We're going to be happy or miserable for the rest of our lives, so we might as well figure out how to be happy!"

3. He must be willing to be the leader and the provider for our family; and committed to having me be a keeper at home.

4. He must believe that children are a gift from God and be committed to training them for His glory. (Personally, he would have to be committed to homeschooling, because I cannot see sending my children to a school.)

5. He must know how to be a good steward of his finances. (I was hesitant to put this one here, but it doesn't stem from a selfish desire to have a lot of money, because frankly, I don't care. But there are a lot of marriages that are ruined or in trouble because of money, mostly because of unwise spending and debt. I've seen what this did to my parents and to other couples and I'd rather not go through it myself.)

I think those would be my 5 'must-haves'. Personality wise, I have my own preferences on that too, ;) but these, I think, are the essentials.

Joshua said...

What do I want in my future wife?

1) Love for Her Savior
2) Passion for the things of God
3) Submission
4) A girl that is willing to be a stay at home mom with the kids, cleaning the house, etc.
5) A girl that will be willing to stay by my side through thick and thin.

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Glen said...

I've recently watched several of my friends self-destruct their relationships. It's not worth the heartache! "Just Friends" is the best book that I have read. (other than my KJV Bible)

Top five for a Godly wife:
1. Christian girl that loves both God and me
2. Trusting
3. My best friend in the world
4. Willing to do what God wants her to do without complaining
5. Honoring to her parents.

The biggest thing that I learned from "Just Friends" is that it's not about FINDING the right person, it's about BEING the right person.

"If you focus on serving God with your whole heart, there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that God will allow you to marry the wrong person."
- Cary Schmidt

God Bless,

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