Friday, January 1, 2010

A Little Love Story

Okay so I'm sure most of you know by now that I am a bit of a 'hopeless romantic'...and some people would say I'm not just a bit of one, but that I am completely and wholly a hopeless romantic. But we won't listen to those people. ; ) But I will admit that I do love to read good clean sappy love stories, and watch sappy love stories. I just love that kind of stuff...I cry over movies and books all the time. I'm just a sappy kinda person I guess. : ) So I'm going to share this cute little love story with y'all.

I read this in the book "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric & Leslie Ludy and I thought it was so cute! I even told it to my family that night at dinner...and of course they all said something about me being a hopeless romantic. lol But anyways, I hope y'all enjoy this. (oh, and its a true story as well!) And I'm going to try and get back into posting on here too. : )

"Lieutenant John Blandford was in New York City at Grand Central station, and he looked up at the bog clock. It said five til six. His heart was racing. At exactly six o'clock he was going to meet the girl whom he thought he was in love with but had never met. This is what had happened...

While he was in training as a fighter pilot during World War II, he happened to go to the library and checked out a book. As he flipped through the pages, he noticed that someone had made notes in the margins. Reading the insightful observations in beautiful handwriting, he said to himself, I would love to meet whoever wrote these notes; they seem to be so kind, gentle, and wise.

He looked in the front of the book and saw a name: Hollis Meynell, New York City. He decided to try and find her. With the help of a New York City phone book, he found her address and wrote her a letter. The day after he wrote her, he was shipped overseas to fight in the war.

Surprisingly, Hollis answered John's letter. The two corresponded back and forth throughout the war. "Her letters were just like the marvelous notes she had written in that book," John recalled. "She was so comforting and so helping."

One time John confessed in a letter that he had been scared to death when he'd found himself surrounded by enemy planes. Hollis had assured him that all brave men are afraid at times. She suggested that the next time he felt fear, he should imagine her voice reciting, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me."

As they continued to write, John began to realize that he was having romantic feelings toward Hollis. He wrote, "Send me a picture," and she declined saying, "If your feeling for me has any reality, what I look like won't matter."

Still, he was intrigued by this woman and longed to meet her in person. Finally that day came when he was able to return to the States on leave. He mentioned in one of his letters that he was coming home and would like to take her to dinner. She arranged to meet him at Grand Central station at 6:00 p.m. by the big clock. "You'll know who I am because I'll be wearing a red rose," she wrote.

At last the day had come. John waited nervously to finally meet the girl he thought he loved. Then his heart leaped as a young woman approached, her slim figure capped off by an attractive face framed with curling blond hair. In her pale-green suit she looked fresh and lively, and her flower-blue eyes sparkled.

He moved toward her without realizing she was not wearing a rose. She welcomed his approach with a quiet, "Going my way, soldier?" But as he took another step, he realized that just beyond her stood another woman--a plump, graying woman with a red rose adorning her rumpled coat.

He stopped cold, utterly torn between following the winsome young beauty in the green suit and keeping his commitment to the woman whose letters had so uplifted him during the war.

Abruptly, he made his decision. With unhesitating strides he approached the plump woman, whose face beamed with a warm smile. "I'm Lieutenant John Blandford, and you--you must be Miss Meynell. I'm so glad you could meet me. Would you join me for dinner?"

The woman's smile grew broader with what appeared to be quiet amusement. "I don't know what this is all about, Son," she said. The she pointed toward a figure in a green suit, who was now nearly out of sight. "That young lady gave me this rose and asked me to wear it while walking through the train station. She said that if you asked me to go with you, I was to let you know she'd be waiting for you in the restaurant across the street."

"She said it was some kind of test."


Jenna said...

What a test!!! It's the heart that matters, not the outside...

Thanks for posting the story, I enjoyed it! I'm reading "Sacred Singlenesss" right now, and I can't say enough good things about the book. It has been SUCH a blessing! Which book do you recommend me reading next of the Ludy's?

I've read these so far:
1. Set apart Femininity
2. When God writes your Life Story
3. Sacred Singleness


Katie said...


I love Sacred Singleness! I can't say enough good about it either! lol I guess I would say that "Authentic Beauty" would be good to read next. Or "When Dreams Come True". I love them both! : )

Jennifer said...

Oh, that is so cute! Very smart too! It shows that man had character!

Miss Emily said...

I'm right there with you, when I read this story in that book of course I was like "awww" and then I just had to read it again lol

God bless!
Emily <3

Lina said...

I too loved reading this story when I read Leslie Ludy's book. It's so wonderfully romantic!


Sharon said...

Oh, how sweet!!! I loved it! Thanks for posting!

Marissa and Andrea said...

Thanks for posting that story! There is actually a movie for it.... I think the people had different names, though. I cannot remember what it's called right now, but I remember it being good. :)

Marissa and Andrea said...

I found it! It's called the Book and the Rose. You should see it if you get a chance. I'm pretty sure you would like it. :)

Courtney Langford said...


Your blog is very cute...I love too that you encourage waiting on the Lord for His will in our lives. I am 17 and am doing and believe the same. Psalm 27:14 is a favorite verse of fact the Lord blessed me with a melody for that verse (and others on waiting on the Lord:) and I sing it with my guitar. Oh, by the way, how do you git that really cute signature at the end of yer posts? I love it.....wink:). Because of Jesus, Courtney Langford

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

What a wise young woman!

JULIE said...

really neat story! thanks for posting :)

Emily Anne said...

I LOVE this story so much! Wow.. I just really think it is so sweet and different than what the world does today. :)

Love your blog!

Blessings~ Emily

Tiffany said... sweet!! I am an hopeless romantic too :) lol

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