Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Rather Interesting Thought

I am often ask "Well, what would you if a guy asked you out?" In all honestly, since I've never been "asked out", I wouldn't know. And I honestly don't want to be "asked out"...why do people call it that anyways?? "Going out"? Where? I don't believe in dating anyways, so I hope the right guy has the same standard and would be asking to court me, not just go out on a casual dinner date. All that said, what should a girl do when a guy asks to date or court them? And how should guys go about doing that? Well, let me give y'all some Do's and Don't's.

1) Girls, send him to your father. - Guys, ask her Daddy FIRST!
-Girls: If the guy asks your Dad first, then it will show that he respects you and your parents. And trust me, you want the guy to respect you AND your parents!
-Guys: You need to have respect for her parents, they could be your in-laws someday. And by showing that you respect he an her family, it will increase the respect she has for you. And yes, you want her to respect you as well.

2) Guys, spend some serous time in prayer BEFORE asking her. - Girls, tell him you need to pray about it first, and then PRAY.
-Guys: Don't make this a casual thing, pray and make sure you have God's okay before entering a relationship with this young lady. You could marry this girl, don't make it a light thing.
-Girls: Like I told the guys, it isn't a light things, so don't make it one. If your going to "casual date" then fine, don't pray about it. But if your striving to follow God, it shouldn't be a casual thing...its something that needs a lot of prayer.

3) Girls, just because he's the first one that asks to court you, doesn't mean he is the right guy. Guys, just because you think she's pretty doesn't mean shes the one for you.
-Guys/Girls: You shouldn't base the guy or girl you have a relationship with by carnal things. Here are some thing to consider about the guy/girl:
  • Is he/she a born again Christian?
  • Does he/she faithfully share the gospel with others?
  • Is he/she always truthful?
  • Is he/she committed to NEVER get divorced?
  • Does he/she honor their parents?
  • Does he/she have a daily walk with God, such as Bible reading, prayer, memorization, and giving?
  • Does he/she make all decisions based upon the Word of God?
  • Would you be happy to have he/she as the parent of your children?
  • Is he/she diligent in their work, and wise with the use of their money?
  • Is God calling you in the same direction of ministry?
  • Is he/she willing to admit a wrong and ask forgiveness?
  • Is he/she a humble and willing servant?
  • Is he/she willing to stand for Christ, even if it means standing alone?
  • Does he/she respond to criticism in a "Christlike" way?
  • Is he/she kind, thoughtful, and gracious?

You know, girls often have a problem with letting the guy lead, but what these girls don't realize is that we have the easier part. God made Adam first, and then made Eve as a help meet. Two things: Guys, you need to lead...that means you ask the girl, not the other way around. Girls, let him lead! Don't you dare go up to a guy and "ask him out" or ask him to court you! It's not that way God intended it. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." (Gen. 2:24) See, the guy makes the first move...not the girl. :-)

Okay, I'm done rambling...I just leave you with one more thought. :-) Girls: If you want a great husband, find a guy who is loving and respectful towards his mother. Guys: If you want a great wife, find a girl who is loving and willingly submissive towards her father. (And by "willingly", I mean she enjoys helping and working with/under her father.)


Lindsey said...

Surprisingly, I agreed with everything you said! Thanks for being an encouraging light- Its hard to find people like you these days...

L. L.

Michaila said...

Great Post! I Agree Completely!

God's Been Good said...

Great post! It is always best to wait and do it the right way! It shows great maturity to go through the parents and prayer. In the world that we live in, they consider it being childish and insecure, but praise the Lord for Godly authority! Thanks for the post!


God's Been Good said...

I have awarded this blog an award! Just stop on over and pick it up! Thanks for being an encourger!


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