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Guest Post 1 - "Waiting For God's Will"

This is a short story written by Augustine Sujon Baroi. He is a young man from Bangladesh. Augustine doesn't have a blog yet, but if you would like to reach him this is his email address: I want to thank him for writing this story for my blog! I am sure you will all enjoy reading it.

Waiting For God's Will

Once there were two sisters. They lived with their patents in a countryside. The name of elder was Salome and the younger Naomi. Salome wasn’t so beautiful. She was short. But there was something divine in her countenance. A soft and mild touch was in her face. Moreover she had deepness in her character. On the other hand, Naomi was very fair and tall. But she was very proud of her beauty.

One evening the two sisters were in their room. Both the girls had to share a room with each other. Naomi was smiling when Salome asked, ‘What’s so funny?’

‘It’s a very funny thing!’ said Naomi, laughing, ‘Peter proposed me today. Ha, ha, ha, poor, little wretch! Five disgusting fellows of this countryside already proposed me in vain. ’

‘Peter is a good man. Humble and simple,’ said her sister.

‘You are a backdated girl.’ Naomi said quite angrily. ‘I won’t marry any of them. They all are poor. And I will marry a rich man.’

‘You can’t choose your husband in your own judgment, rather you should pray to God. He will provide you a good husband. You should wait for the right man.’ said Salome softly.

‘Again you are talking like a fool.’ said Naomi. ‘I can’t let anyone to choose my husband, whom I’ve never seen. It’s my own job. Ok? As my life is my own, and I’ve to lead it at my own will. Don’t tell me again about your God. Let Him be yours.’

Salome was very sad to hear the blasphemous way her sister was talking. She paused a while, then said:

‘Our father is a pastor. We hear about God, our Heavenly father everyday. But you don’t believe Him. What’s wrong with you?’

‘There isn’t any thing wrong with me.’ Naomi’s tone was bold. ‘I have brains, and I’ll do what seems good to me. I’m not blind like you.’

Salome wanted to tell her more about God, but she found Naomi had left the room without showing any excuse.

She sighed and thought. ‘We’re two sisters. Our father is a pastor of a Baptist Church. He is well known for his good behavior and simplicity. Everybody respects him. But his younger daughter doesn’t believe in God. It is a great pain for us.’

Then Salome knelt down and prayed for Naomi.

The father of these two young girls was a very good man. He got honors from others. But his wife and his youngest daughter didn’t have much respect towards him. To them he was a worthless man. It was because Joe, (for that was his name) got a little salary. The members of his church were very poor. Most of them were farmers. They loved their pastor. So often they brought something for their pastor. Joe and his oldest daughter were happy in their simple station. They loved their Lord. But the mother and the youngest daughter were quite opposite of them. They wanted to live in luxury. Joe everyday tried to make them understand that they should be happy with what they got from God. But they would not hear him, and his wife often ridiculed him for being happy with a little supply.

One day Naomi came back home from outside. She was very excited. She went to her room, where she found Salome cleaning the room.

She stopped Salome and wrapped her with her arms. ‘I’ve met a very handsome man in the street, who has come from the capital. And he said I’m the fairest lady he had ever seen.’ said Naomi with smile.

‘How did you meet him?’ asked her sister.

‘Well, I was walking on the green fields beside the road. The man was driving a car. You can’t imagine how nice his car was! When he saw me, he stopped the car and asked me an address.’

‘Address! What address?’

‘Well, it was Jenny’s address. And I told him his destination. While leaving, he told me that.’

‘So what? Why are you so excited? You don’t know anything about the man.’

‘Don’t I know anything?’ said Naomi. ‘I inquired about him from Jenny. The man is a businessman. He’s come here for business with Jenny’s father. And ...’ she paused a while, ‘and ... he is unmarried.’

‘Unmarried!’ Her sister nearly shouted. ‘Why are you so excited that the man is unmarried?’

‘Because... if he proposes to me, I’ll marry him.’

‘What! Will you marry without our parents’ consent?’

‘Haven’t I told you so?’ said Naomi. ‘If the man proposes, I won’t care if our parents disapprove.’

Then without giving Salome chance to ask any questions, Naomi left the room.

What could do Salome? She prayed. That was the thing she used to do.

The next day all the members of the family were present at their living room. Salome informed her parents about Naomi’s intention. The family sat together to discuss the matter. After some dispute, Joe said in a mild tone:

‘Dear Mom, (for he often called his daughters Mom) are you determined to marry that man?’

‘Yes daddy,’ said Naomi. ‘It’s my own life, and I hope you won’t be an obstacle to our union.’

Her father sighed and said again, ‘We love you as God also loves you and everyone. I don’t want to see my daughter in hell. If it isn’t the right choice, you will face hell in this world and the world hereafter.’

‘Daddy, don’t preach your gospel here.’ said Naomi rudely. ‘I’ve heard it so many times.’

Everybody felt sad by the way Naomi was talking and leading her life. Her father didn’t say anything more.

‘But the man isn’t a Christian.’ said Salome.

‘Nor am I.’ Said Naomi smiling. ‘I’m not a Christian according to your Book.’

Then all kept silence. They were afraid to ask any more questions or try to make her understand, lest she would answer in more blasphemous ways.

Two days later Naomi left her parents and sister at night. She left with the man. Her family found a message on the table in the morning. She wrote not to search for her, and she thanked them for raised her up. She also assured them that she would not come back again to disturb them.

They were very sad for the young lady. And the family moved to another city, for it was very dishonorable for a pastor.

Many days passed by. Salome got married and had two sons. Her husband was also a good pastor like her father. Her mother died. Before her death, she told that she knew about Naomi’s departure and she supported her and she was sorry for that. She also confessed to her husband and to God also. Then she died peacefully. Joe was then very old. He lived with his daughter and his days were passing happily with the grandchildren.

On a winter evening Mark (Salome’s husband) was coming home after his visit to one of the families of his church members. He saw a woman sitting under a tree, quivering violently in the cold. She had only summer clothes on, and even they were shabby and worn. He asked her whereabouts but she only opened her lips. The woman was too weak to talk to him. Understanding the awful condition of the woman he took her to his house. Salome nursed the woman. After a few days, the woman was able to talk. The first words she uttered were ‘Oh God! Have pity on my soul.’ And after that she again fell asleep. After a few more days, she could speak clearly for a longer time. Salome asked her name, where she was from, how she came there, and what happened to her. To answer she cried again, ‘Oh, God! Have pity on my soul. It’s my punishment.’ and then she began to cry. When her weeping was over, she said, ‘Oh, why I didn’t wait? I chose the wrong person. He left me. I chose the wrong way.’ and then she again wept.

After a long time when Salome asked her name, she said, “Call me not ..., call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.”

‘Naomi! Is your name Naomi?’ cried Salome. ‘And what is your father’s name? What is your sister’s name?‘ She became very excited.

‘Oh, poor Salome, and Joe, dear father!’ cried the woman.

‘Father, father!’ cried Salome. ‘See, we’ve got Naomi back. Oh, dear sister! Glory is to God. His mercy is forever.’ She was praising God loudly.

Their father came in and Naomi confessed her sin. She said that she had received Christ as her Saviour. She learned to love God through much will and woe.

Then at last the family was reunited. And what a happy union it was! And, of course, Naomi learned to wait for the decisions of God.

Next Guest Post coming in a few days!!


~Rebecca~ said...

Very nice story!


Princess0479 said...

That is such a beautiful story..such a good lesson and reminder for us all ...beautiful...i thought for sure that Naomi wouldn't change i was so wrong..such a beautiful story of redemption and of prodigal son/daughter :)
I really like your blog i found your blog from one of my friends' blogs..Her name is Katy from 110% surrendered blog.

I'll make sure to stop by again :)
Please visit my blog, i don't post often but i have some posts to read :)) and comment too!

Blessings always to you dear sister in Christ!

In His Love, Jane in Conn :)

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