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Guest Post 2 - Courtship: A New Journey

Yippie! Guest post #2 is here! I have SOOO enjoyed doing theses guest posts! This one is by Rebecca over at "A Rather Unusual Maiden For God" (there is a link to her site at the end of the post). I have so enjoyed getting to know Rebecca over the last several months! Her blog is always an encouragement to me. When I first started reading her blog she was not yet courting Justin, so it has been so amazing to read about their journey for the start. And I'm sure you will enjoy this post greatly! So without farther ado...

Courtship: A New Journey.

My journey on Courtship began on March 20th 2009. How it all began is quite the tale
December 10th 2008, the college at my church was having a Christmas Banquet.
It was a hard time for me, because my best friend of 11 years had just moved to a different state, and I missed her a lot I didn’t know many other college girls, so I was lonely. Long story short, I attended the banquet next to a courting couple. I didn’t know these two very well. What was “worse” was that I was facing an empty chair.

Little did I know what was about to happen...for God had a “reserved” sign on that chair
;) I see a hand on the chair, someone asks, “May I sit with you?” I look up to see a college guy, a sophomore student- (one I had at least known the name of for a year )- Justin M. I said, “yes”...and that was how it all began.

I think it interesting that for one entire year we both at least knew who the other person was, but never really knew what was about to happen We had never really talked before that banquet... some people joke that we haven’t stopped talking since

Every courtship is different, Justin and I along with both of our parents decided to have the “no touch policy” rule, always have a chauffeur, etc. One thing we also have is something called, “Open Honesty” (we call it “total” honesty too.)

Even though we have chosen to court, and do things God’s way; the world’s dating methods and philosophy still infiltrates. Open Honesty is based on God’s word.
James 5:16 says
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Basically the world says, “when you are dating, put your best foot forward, keep your faults hidden,”
But in Open Honesty, we do talk about our faults to each other. Since the point of courting is marriage at the end, why not be honest? We have talked about how we deal with anger, personal fears, worrying, etc. As well as struggles.
Justin recently told me about his struggle (the world certainly is hard on our guys) He wanted to tell me about this particular struggle for a while, but was worried about how to bring it up. But there was no need for worry, as God totally prepared the whole conversation We girls are great at sharing our struggles and problems, but guys do find it harder, especially when it is with the one they love so much. I’m very, very, very ( ) glad he shared his struggle with me. Trust is so beautiful to have I treasure the ability to know that I can share struggles and problems with him too, and know that he will not judge me for them, but pray for me and with me
Girls, we can do our share to help our guys with their struggles PRAY for them And if you want to know a really great way to help, visit this site...

Open Honesty isn’t just for problems We also discuss so many other things, fun things too We talk about our preferences, standards, likes and dislikes, and opinions. We have had many talks about food likes and dislikes (they were hilarious ) Justin is now determined that he will someday get me to eat onions (I do not like onions by the way ) We have talked about raising children, running a home, driving, coupons, writing books, and on and on

I can not praise God enough for all his blessings upon this courtship, it is really wonderful to see how He has been leading it It is worth it to wait for the one He has created for you I remember what it was like to wonder, “Is there really someone out there for me? How will I know when I have found them?” It was a difficult time, but it doesn’t need to be God does everything for His glory, and He will make sure how you meet that special someone will bring Him great glory And it is very exciting to be apart of bringing glory to our wonderful Savior

God bless,

A Rather Unusual Maiden for God

**The picture above is Rebecca and Justin.**


~Rebecca~ said...

Katie your are so sweet! Thanks for linking back to my blog! Justin read this before I sent it to you, and he liked it alot. I hope your other readers enjoy all the guests posts! I can hardly wait to read more!!


Rachel M. said...

I have enjoyed reading the guest posts, Katie. :)

Rebecca--Thank you for sharing your story with us. I could relate to what you said at the end, "Is there really someone out there for me? How will I know when I have found them?"
The enemy told me those as well and I have realized that my heavenly Father does have someone for me and His plan is sooo much better than mine. I just need to trust Him and while waiting, to love my Savior more and more and grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Him. :)
Blessings to you and Justin, Rebecca, and God bless you both!

Love and blessings in Christ,
Rachel M.

Paulina said...

How lovely. I enjoyed reading your story Rebecca!

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