Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest Post 3 - Amber & Marshall's Story

Guest post 3 is here!! Yay!! This is the story of how my friend Amber and her husband Marshall met and married. I have known Amber for probably close to a year now, and have so enjoyed getting to know her! I can't believe how many kindred spirits God has let me "meet" on blogger. Please take the time to go look at Amber's blog: "Joyful Homemaker" And she also has facebook, so you can friend her there as well. : ) Enjoy reading...

Once upon a time… in the fellowship hall of church one afternoon of preparing for the missions meeting… Some of the ladies and I were sitting at a table chatting about this and that when Ms. Ellen happened to mention that I should think about marrying her nephew- Marshall. He had just moved to Gainesville a few months prior and had come to church once or twice since. I told her that was ridiculous because he was not even saved and had not been to church for awhile. I didn’t even know anything about him other than his name was Marshall, and he probably was not saved
The subject was dropped, and I did not think anything else about it until “Lo and behold!” the next morning he came walking into church! I thought- “It does not mean anything! Just a coincidence”. Well, Pastor preached one of the toughest messages on Christian dress standards that he has ever preached. He just knew that Marshall (and all the rest of us) would never be back. However, at the end of service Marshall stood up and said that he wanted to join the church! We all were shocked! (To put it mildly) Pastor talked to him and told him to keep coming to see if this was really what he wanted. (And to see if he could\would stick it out) Well, Marshall came here and there- mostly Sunday mornings. We prayed for him, but I was not too concerned with whether or not I was supposed to marry him. I knew that salvation must come first. Also, I was only 16 years old. Definitely too young.
Anyway, after several weeks of coming here and there, Marshall came on a Wednesday night (June 25th to be exact). After service he told Ms. Rita that he had gotten saved. She went and got Pastor and eventually the news made it to the rest of us. So then I started kinda thinking that maybe this fella -“Marshall” was my Prince Charming. I kept it to myself, but prayed about it. I did not want to get emotionally attached when really there was no reason for me to. Marshall had not even noticed me.
Marshall kept coming to church- totally oblivious to girls, and most especially me. Throughout the next few months I found out that he was Marshall Reeves, 25 years old, and his birthday was in January. A few people had caught on that maybe I was supposed to marry Marshall. I also found out that Marshall was a Jr., which was very important to me (long story). Then I happened to hear that he had been in the Marines- also very important to me!
He was baptized in November of 2003. Since he lived on the lake, he was baptized in the lake and we had a service and food at his house. This was just great news for the conspiring females that wanted us married. Well, his house was just too cute, and while we were there I could tell that my mother and Ms. Ellen were imagining what I would look like “setting up housekeeping in here”.
About 10 months passed and God started dealing with Marshall about getting married. Marshall did not really have anyone in particular in mind, but he decided to talk to Pastor. Pastor gave Marshall some guidelines to go by in choosing a mate, and God made things very clear.
On October 7th 2004 Marshall called and asked if he could come over to spend the evening. He came and we had pizza with my family, then they all went and watched a movie and Marshall and I sat at the table and talked for a little while. We went out here and there for the next few weeks.
On October 26th Marshall sent a dozen roses to me. Of course, I was on cloud nine the whole day! We went to visit my grandparents and Marshall met us there. Before he left he asked me to walk outside with him. He then proposed very sweetly, on bended knee! I don’t remember all that he said- I was just so glad to hear him say “I love you”!!!! Of course, I said “Yes”, and he put the ring on my finger. (We had both picked it out some days back.)
We set the date for April 16th, then realized that there was no way, and no reason for us to wait that long, so we moved the date up to February 5th. We were married on Saturday February 5th, at 2:00 in the afternoon. I walked down the aisle to a string quartet playing Canon in D, and he cried. (He’s so sweet!) Pastor preached, but I don’t remember much of that. (Do you blame me?!?!) We started our honeymoon in Gatlinburg, then came home and have been continuing our honeymoon ever since.

I thank God for putting us together. He knew exactly what we needed, and how to get us together. To God be the glory! Great things He has done!

**Next Guest Post Coming Soon!!**


Rebekah said...

Ahhh, I always love hearing Ambers story!!!! Thanks for posting it again, you can truly see God's hand bringing them together!!!
It is so encouraging!

Megan said...

Awwww! Happy ending! I'm so glad that you got your prince charming, but most of all that you know that he is who Gid wanted for you! :)

Amber said...

Thats just the sweetest love story EVER!!!!!!!! ;)

Tiffany said...

Omw how sweet :) I am an hopeless romantic :) lol

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