Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Quote By Leslie Ludy

Just something that I've been pondering the last few weeks...

"Even a beautiful God-scripted love story can never satisfy the way Jesus does. Even the most heroic and Christlike man on earth can never fulfill the longings of our heart like the true Prince and lover of our soul (Jesus Christ). And until we are able to truly make Him our first love, until we are willing to give up our dream of an earthly love story for His sake, we will never know the fullness of Him who fills us all in all. We will always be looking to a mere man to meet the desires of our heart, rather than to the One who created us, who knows us better than we know ourselves, and who gave His very life's blood to rescue us."

~Leslie Ludy~


Jenna said...

I have been pondering that very same quote, Katie!!
When I feel tempted to dream about my "prince", I try to give the dream of getting married and having a family to the's VERY hard. Getting married and having a family is the largest dream of my life - I pray that it happens, but I want God's will in my life.
Giving up a love story seems hard, but God is faithful isn't He?!

Your Sister in the Lord,

Adam said...

Hey Katie,
There is this radio station I listen to here in Sugar Land TX.
That I thought you might enjoy they are having 5 days of God honoring
Christmas music, played starting on the 21st of December.
And if you can not get their station you can listen to them off
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Their call letters are KHCB Keeping Him Close By.

Signed a Brother in the Lord,


I pray you may have a
 Merry Christmas 

Abounding Treasures said...


This quote is excellent and so true!

My 20 year old daughter has read most of Eric and Leslie Ludy's books and feels exactly the way you do about allowing the Lord to bring along whoever HE has chosen for her and in the meantime, her heart is concentrating on living for Him in the midst of a sinful world ... wherever He has placed her.

May you be blessed as this New Year gets underway and may the Lord continue to uphold, strengthen and preserve you for His glory!

Courtney Langford said...

Wonderful quote and so very true! Being a wife and mother is a desire indeed, but He knows you and I and most certainly knows our heart's desires! He is His time and His way, after that we have given all to Him.God is Good!

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